How Steemit Users Can Earn Booleancoin

Steemit Users Can Earn Up To 300 Free Booleancoins

GainingSteem.Com, The Creators Of Booleancoin, believe in Steemit, its value, and its future.  More importantly, we're so indebted to the Steemit Community for helping us grow as a Company!  We are more than excited to allow Steemit Users to earn Booleancoins for a limited amount of time by helping us in spreading word of Booleancoin, Boolean, and GainingSteem.Com's Inititaitve To Combat Fake News In The Media.   The way you can earn is by writing an article regarding Booleancoin.  

The reason we can do this without risk of Fraud with the help of Steemit is because any user who writes an article is the only one that has access to their Posting Key, which ensures that they are the only ones that can edit their Articles.  Knowing that this is the case, the way to earn is to carry out the following: 

  1. Write an article regarding Boolean or Booleancoin. 
  2. In your article or in the comments, post your Ethereum Wallet Address (you can generate one HERE or you can choose the 'Make A Booleancoin Wallet' link at the top of the page). 

It is as simple as that to earn 100 Booleancoins at the address of your choosing.  We put a hard cap on 3 different articles per Steemit accounts and we will only distribute up to 1,000,000 of the 20,000,000 coins in this manner at the moment, so any articles after that will not be eligible.  We will update this page on a constant basis as more and more write articles and will announce when the promotion is over.  


The article must:

  1. Contain At Least 150 Words
  2. Mention 'Boolean', 'Booleancoin', and '', the 'Boolean Hodlers Program', and the 50% Commission Affiliate Program that users can join. 
  3. Contain A link to and to
  4.  MUST Have The Tag 'booleancoin' and 'boolean'
  5. MUST NOT Plagiarize 

These requirements ensure that we can effectively distribute rewards to users by having 'booleancoin' and 'boolean' as search terms that we can use to find those who have written articles and it makes it so that people can't take advantage of the promotion.  

So, in total, users can earn up to 300 Free Booleancoins by this method! Thank you again to the Steemit Community, who we love!  :)