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Buying Booleancoins With Ethereum In Simple Steps


IMPORTANT NOTE: Not following the steps provided here could result in loss of any Ethereum sent! DO NOT send from a wallet for which you don't have access to the private key and address information (example: Coinbase), because you will not be able to access it and, therefore, won't be able to access your Booleancoins.  Please read, reread, and ensure you fully understand the instructions before carrying them out!  Our Support team will be happy to walk you through the steps if you are concerned or have any questions or would like any clarifications.  You can use the contact form below if you would like to reach out to use prior to a deposit!  

  1. You will need to create an ERC20-compatible wallet first.  There are a number of ways that this can be done.  The easies way is to click the 'Make A Booleancoin Wallet' link at the top of the page, or you can go to Another method is to go to, where you will choose a password and will be provided with your Keystore File (this will be one way to access your wallet in the future), your address, and your private key.  SAVE SAVE SAVE in both a physical secure location as well as in multiple password protected files on your computer or on a flash drive.  Do not let this information get into the wrong hands, as your funds could be stolen if someone has your address and private key!  Keep track of everywhere you have this information saved (just like with your real wallet/real credit cards/etc.).  There are other sites as well and there are plugins that let you communicate with the Ethereum Blockchain, such as Metamask for Chrome. 
  2. After you have created your ERC20-Compatible Ethereum Wallet and have ensured your security and access to your address and private key so that you can access it again, you can send any amount of Ethereum to the following address:


Your coin balance will be updated within two hours of your deposit and you can locate it with the symbol 'BOOL', the Address of the Token (0x6c929cde908481f3d1d775008791f42b1b89dbb0), or the Token Name 'Booleancoin'.  Our ICO offers this exchange rate: 

1st Tier: .01 ETH = 100 BOOL

2nd Tier (40% Discount): .3 ETH = 5000 BOOL

3rd Tier (50% Discount): 0.5 ETH = 10,000 BOOL

Again, we welcome all questions and are happy to help in the process and/or expedite fund deposit if you are in a hurry.  Keep in mind, our ICO is on a first come, first serve basis, so if the total tokens have sold prior to your deposit, we will send your Ethereum back in full and contact you to let you know.  If you'd like to pay in Bitcoin, please contact us below as well! Act now!

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